We are a dynamic, Business Consultants that helps Business Owners to get what they want out of their businesses.

What we do

We help Business owners with the running of their businesses itself by systemizing, automating and delegating.

We concentrate on operations—on getting things done.

A successful organisation needs a purpose, a strategy and good leadership. But without implementation, it will not achieve anything. We'll find what is holding back your plans, and help you achieve more, with practical solutions.

If you need help with your purpose, strategy or leadership skills, we can recommend a business coach to you.

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We help business owners and managers to get organised, and make better use of technology.

We use technology to make your life easier.

Every business is made up of people, technology and processes—people using various tools to do work.

We'll help you to use better tools , and better ways of working, in your business—rather than hiring more people.

Why we do it

We believe that businesses are built to serve people. We know we can help business owners—the people, not the faceless corporations—to get more out of their businesses. We help real people to have time for their families, to relax or to feel financially stable.
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Optimise Operations

Save time and energy from running your business, and get a better work/life balance.

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Reduce Risk

Reduce human-error and say goodbye to worry. Your new intelligent systems will look after it.

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Seize more opportunities

Never miss an opportunity for business again, with alerts and automatic follow-up reminders.

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Enhance Value

Build a business model that you can pass on to your children or sell to fund your retirement.

Our Mission and Core Values

Mission Means's mission is clear. It is to continuously improve our customer’s ability to efficiently manage their Business and to work with them to build the capability to achieve greater results. Our company, consultants and project work are defined by core value and provide the basis for our actions. We approach each project as a unique case that merits a unique solution, arrived at independently. We work in an ethical and transparent manner. We base our work on knowledge acquired through our own experience as well as through that of other consultants, managers and practitioners. We continually invest in the development of our in-house knowledge base, our consultants and our ability to perform.

We measure our success by our clients’ success. Mission Means partners with clients to transform their mindsets and reimagining businesses and meeting the competitive challenges of the future by delivering business solutions through information technology and latest management thinking.

Founded in 2014, Mission Means is focusing on providing a range of consultancy services on Business Transformation, Business Analysis, Business Systemization, Digital Automation, Human Capital Management and Project Management to Individuals, Small & Medium sized companies.

How we started

Mission Means Consulting was founded by Mohammed Nizam.

Nizam is a Management Consultant, Trainer and Coach who helps Organization and Individuals to deploy best practices in Business Management and Project Management that drive performance and operational efficiency.

His approaches help organization to succeed in implementing best Business Management Systems and Project management practices across the organization. He is very passionate about deploying Performance-Based Project Management and Business Transformation practices at organizations.

Nizam is a certified Project Management Specialist (PMI-PMP & PRINCE2 Practitioner) and Management Consultant (AASBC- Accredited Consultant) with 17 years of demonstrated experience in managing diverse projects and programs for customers in the Information Technology, Telecommunications, Military and Construction Industries.

Nizam is also a Certified Corporate Trainer, who believe in the development of the next generation of Business Professionals and Project Managers through training, knowledge sharing and team building. He has delivered many Project Management and Business Management Workshops for teams reach new level of performance in managing Project and Business. .

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I love business, and I love being around business people. I love the challenges, the rewards, the opportunities, the freedom, the independence of private enterprise, the journey of turning a small business into a big business. I love working with business owners and helping them achieve their dreams and watching their businesses grow and develop. And that's precisely why Mission Means exists...

Connect with Nizam on LinkedIn.

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We're evolving. Are you?

We're always developing our services as we identify new problems that small business owners are facing.

As we build our business we're finding new problems to solve. As we solve these problems, we're finding new ways to solve our client's problems. And the process continues.

Our accreditations

Here are a few of the certifications that our team have picked up along the way.


Our small team includes a PMP-Project Management Professional, a AASBC-Accredited Business Consultants, and a PRINCE2® Project Manager.

What makes us different

We find innovative and practical solutions to enable small business owners like you to save valuable time, reduce stress and never miss an opportunity again!

We're practical

We'll help you in your business, not just talk about it.

We don't just talk theory. We are not "gurus", "sensei" or counsellors. We don't play games. We won't inspire you to find the solution yourself.

We implement tangible, practical solutions for your small business.

Practical Solutions

Clear View of Your Business

We're independent

An outside perspective gives us a clear view of your business.

We'll give you an objective opinion. Being on the outside looking in, we can get a clearer view of where improvements could be found.

We're also not tied to any preferred solution or system. We can recommend solutions that work for you, not just for your suppliers.

We're experienced

We've been there and done that.

We know what it's like to run a small business, we run one too. We also know what works.

When you have a consultation with us it will always be with an experienced process specialist. You won't be lumbered with a junior or trainee who only knows the theory.

Experienced Process Specialist
So, are you wrestling with the workload of your business?

Reserve a free consultation to discuss the problems you face in your business—and potential solutions.

Are you a owner or manager looking to make your business work smarter?

Do you have trouble with the volume of work required to keep your business going—and want to achieve more with your valuable time?

Reserve a free consultation to discuss the problems you face in your business—and potential solutions.

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Know what technologies may save you time and frustration.

Have a clear idea what you can do to develop your business.

Know whether we can help you achieve your objectives!