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Foster Business with Corporate Training Workshops

If you’ve been tasked with finding a great Corporate Training Workshop, you have come to the right place! We specialize in all types of corporate soft and hard skills training including: Project Management, Leadership Development, Business Transformation, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Team Effectiveness, and Workplace Coaching.

We build cohesive teams that are engaged in their work and that function effectively and productively. This ultimately leads to organizational health and increased profits. Choose your path to breakthrough!

Delivering High Quality Training Solutions!

Customized training and performance workshops available on request to meet your Business Objectives..

Project Management Workshop

Project Management is a key skill for managers and leaders in the modern business world. The ability to set clear objectives, create a realistic plan, and work together with your team to see the plan through to successful completion will set you apart from others, and help you to successfully manage company projects to stay competitive.

As there are no one-size-fits all solutions when it comes to providing world-class project management training, we offer a wide range of courses designed to equip students with the real-world skills and knowledge required to be effective project managers.

Visionary Leadership

Visionary leadership begins with the leader having a crystal clear vision of what one wants to achieve and where does he/she wants to take his team in the near future. Having a firm belief in one’s own vision and translating the same as the common vision of the team and above all leading them to success is what visionary leadership all about. A skill most coveted by all corporates today in their future leaders who are to lead companies to success in the near future.

The visionary leadership training programme caters to this need and grooms future leaders into the mould of visionary leadership thinking. A combination of workshops, story telling sessions, group activities and multiple sessions of deep contemplation the programme brings out the innate visionary leader in you!

Business Building Programs

Entrepreneurs are different than most business people. They’re always building, growing, moving and taking their companies to the next level. They don’t get stuck, tread water or stay put in the same place doing the same things over and over. Entrepreneurs know what they want, make tough decisions and then go make it happen. In order to get your business to work, you’ve got to get unstuck, move forward, and let go to grow. Learn how to run your business like an owner: well rewarded and in-control instead of an over-worked, under-paid, make every decision control freak. Transform your company by replacing yourself with systems to achieve bottom-line results, wealth and freedom.

Staff Development Training

Our comprehensive range of Business Skills & Personal Development training courses contains programmes on all the key areas like HR/behavioral, marketing and finance skills an organization you need to run your business effectively. We work with our clients to develop and design organization structures which enable speedier decision making, easier escalation of issues and resource optimization. We help organizations develop scalable organization structure, redefine or modify their structure to keep it aligned in changing environments. .

Workshop on Business Management

You'll learn how to always make a profit, replace yourself with systems, sell more than low price, find & keep great people, create equity, build wealth, and enjoy your future. These 2 day roundtable workshops are held regularly in several cities. They are designed for business owners who want more time, money, freedom, loyal customers, less stress, and to hit their personal and business goals..

Project Management Professional (PMP) Training

PMP® Certification from the Project Management Institute is the industry standard for demonstrating competence and a solid foundation of Project Management skills. This workshop provides strategies to condense your study efforts and methods you can use to deliver value to your organization and prepare successfully for your PMP certification. Every participant will be eligible for 35 PDUs to complete one criteria for the PMP exam.

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